7 lbs. 9 oz.

J BLACK restorations speak for themselves. He is the best, period.


Awesome player grade example of a whiteguard era Tele. Great neck shape, good weight, present without being harsh, resonant, etc. All the things you want to feel and hear are on tap with this Tele.

Just a great sounding and playing guitar.


The Facts:

S/N 09273

Neck date XA 4-56, Body date 3-56, reissue pots...

Original items include Body, Body Finish, Neck and Neck Finish, Decal, Tuners, String tree, Truss rod working, Neckplate and neckplate screws, String ferrules, Bridge pickup is original but rewound, knobs, Control plate, switch, Jack ferrule and Jack, Strap buttons and case.

Non-original=Frets, Nut, Pickguard, Neck pickup, pots, caps, new solders and wire, bridge and bridge saddles.

Other info; the body had 2 routes, in neck pickup area and under the bridge were repaired and new wood added.

1956 Fender Telecaster -pending sale