8 lbs. 1 oz.


The student model that rocks harder than most other guitars! Les Paul Jr.'s have always been a secret weapon for many guitarist, but they have really taken flight into popularity in the last few years.


Simplicity is key with these beasts, and this example is no exception. Slab of mahogany, brazilian board, and a screaming P90 pickup. These guitars are the definiton of rock n' roll!


100% original minus tuner buttons. Frets are original and are possible candidates for a refret.

We just mentioned it would be a candidate for refret because the original '57 fretwire are the super small skinny ones of that era.
A typical, modern player probably wouldn't like it... aside from divits in the typical B, G strings first position area the frets are in decent shape.
The fingerboard itself is in incredible condition, almost 'like new'.
There is no post leaning either.
This one is a clean, prime example of a '57 Junior.
Profile on Les Paul Jr. neck is not a tree trunk, nor is it small.... it's a nice Med C shape.

No breaks, under the hood is clean. Sounds great, feels great. When you think of a 1957 LP Jr., this is what's in mind.

.0787" string height Low E at 12th fret. .0492" on treble side.

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1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr.