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7 lbs. 0 oz.


Want to find a bargain on a 1958 Gibson with PAF's??? Here ya go!
Here's a 1958 Gibson model ES-175 D with a long ago refin in white. Finish is yellowed and checked and appears to have been done quite awhile ago. This one is in great shape, replaced Grover tuners, bridge pinned and refret.

Original- pickups and surrounds, switch tip, knobs, bridge/saddle, tailpiece, jack, pickguard.


ORIGINAL PAF's still intact! Would love to say untouched but looks like covers have been off at some point with non-original factory solder evident.

Neck reads; 7.9

Bridge reads; 7.8

No breaks or cracks.

Plays/sounds great and with those amazing PAF pickups late 50's Gibson's are so famous for. Killer swing, jazz, rock or jump blues guitar!


Comes with the Original brown Lifton case and cordura case cover.

FON T5226 6

1958 Gibson ES-175 D (refin)

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