6 lbs. 3 oz.

J BLACK refins speak for themselves. He is the best, period.

1959 top loader Telecaster with new Nitro lacquer body finish, also has overspray on neck finish, new decal and fresh setup.
w/ OHSC (painted black)


1) Depth of Neck approx .850 at first fret, approx. 1" at 12th fret.
2) Can you measure the action at the 12th fret? 1/16"
3) And if you can tell me the measure on the nut? 1 5/8" at nut
4) How is the shape of the neck? typical '59 shallow C shape
5) How much does it weigh? 6 lbs. 3 oz.

Frets are low, but totally playable.

DC resistance of pickups
Neck 6.54
Bridge 6.89
Original items are;

Body; 2 piece Ash 3-59 Body date

Neck (some original finish, some older overspray)

Frets, Tuners, String tree, truss rod working, pickguard (extra hole added)

Neck plate (35911), Neck plate screws, Pickups, pickup cover, knobs, capacitors, wiring, Control plate, switch, bridge, bridge saddles, strap button (1), Metal cover bridge, case.

Stackpole pots which date 16th week of '59



New finish (9/2019), decal, bridge pickup wax dipped, new solder joint from refin, 1 reissue strap button.



1959 Fender Telecaster