1961 Gibson GA79RVT.

Very rare and sought after amp. The only real issue is this one has 'almost' period correct Fender dustcover Oxford speakers.

With footswitch. 160841


Produced between 1961 and 1967, the GA-79RVT is a freak of nature in so many ways—most of them very cool ways. This wild-looking, wedge-shaped concoction is actually a stereo amplifier, meant to partner Gibson’s stereo guitars of the era such as the ES-345 and ES-355, but it can also be used in a variety of configurations with any traditional mono electric guitar. In many ways, the GA-79RVT is a fairly simple amp, and is really more a “two amps in one” designed to reproduce a stereo signal, rather than a design that produces a stereo-like effect, such as achieved by the Magnatone 260 and 280, or the Roland Jazz Chorus, both of which convert a mono guitar signal to stereo by slapping on tremolo or chorus effects with slightly different rates applied to the left and right signals.

1961 Gibson GA79RVT