A featherweight 3 lbs. 10 oz.


We know this model as the "Bob Dylan" here at Killer Vintage and are big time fans of 12-fret Martin's around here. The extra body seems to add some warmth and sustain, and the 00-21NY's of the 60's are no exception.


Plays and sounds great like these small body Martin's do. Inside looks clean, original bridge plate and braces tight. Small back crack has been cleated. Finish blacklights like the back has been possibly oversprayed at some point. Has had a neck reset (measures a nice 3/32" at 12th fret) and bridge saddle replacement. Some finish checking but overall very clean. Comes with original hardshell case and original bill of sale/hang tags.

*number inscribed on top of headstock




1962 Martin 00-21 NY