Player grade example of one of Fender's most classic amps. No chocolate Fender disappoints, but this is the one everyone seems to be talking about.
This amp is what it is: player's grade. BUT it is is still a 2x10 Vibroverb. Stripped tolex, changed speakers (Eminence Patriots) and three prong cable. The iron looks good and it comes with the brown pedal (beyond cool). This amp will get you to where you're trying to go, and if you're looking into one you know what we're getting at. Tube chart reads 6G16 with no date stamp (not uncommon for this period). Detailed pictures available upon request.

Filter caps recapped..

Mains 606-3-02
Output 606-2-49
Choke 606-3-07
Reverb 606-2-50
Chassis Serial: 00541
In general, we do not ship amps but if interested in shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs (shipping plus all packing materials and custom made double walled box).

1963 Fender Vibroverb