6 lbs. 1 oz.

Up for grabs is a 100% original 1964 Gibson SG Jr. with some serious mojo. When people in our world say a guitar has "got it", this is the one they have in mind. Great weight, extremely resonant and sustain for days, a P90 (measures 7.6 DC reading) that will make anyone turn their head. This neck is what Kalamazoo dreams are made of. Readable pot code reads 20th week of '64. Comes with original soft shell case.

1 11/16" nut width- this has the perfect 'mama bear' neck, not too big or small.

-has tip of pickguard missing

-has some finish wear in a circular motion around jack from cable

-Has a Brand New MojoAxe Aged lightning bolt tailpiece. (60$ value)

original wraparound bridge comes with guitar but has cracks at both ends where the posts insert.

-missing truss rod cover screw.


1964 Gibson SG Jr.