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Dude. A Park is hard to come by. A 50 watt Park from that holy grail mid 60's era is super hard to come by. This thing KILLS. We like all of those classic American and British amps from back in the day, but a couple of us at this shop are specifically Marshall nuts and have seen the coolest of the cool. This one has got the juice. The sauce. All of those words people drool over, it's here in this box. Interesting transition period for the Marshall factory. This is a solid state rectifier version. Not in your face screaming distortion, but a cranked breakup crunch that is to die for. If you can't get er done with this one...sorry, boss.


We believe and confirmed by our Marshall guru that this head is 100% original.


Date codes on Electrolytic capacitors put this 1966.

Everything cosmetically and electronically is in excellent condition.

Serial 102.


1966 PARK 45 Lead/Bass

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