One owner Silvertone 1482 in EXCELLENT condition with footswitch.

100% original even down to the Silvertone branded RCA tubes and two prong AC cord.

Original Fisher speaker dates 14th week of '66 as well.


 Manufactured by Danelectro in the USA, this amp is often referred to as the "poor man's Deluxe" for its incredible gain, touch-sensitive responsiveness, and 15 watt 6V6 push/pull tube power section, features which are all very reminiscent of the Fender Deluxe model from the late '50s. This amp really does tap into what made Fender's Tweed amps great, and at a fraction of the price, the Silvertone 1482 is one of the best bargains on the vintage amp market. With simple controls for Volume and Tone for both the Mic and Instrument inputs, the amp also boasts a powerful bias-based tremolo circuit that has a great pulse and smooth waveform.
 Point-to-point, hand wired circuit boasts the original paper in oil capacitors, carbon comp resistors, and CTS pots which date to early '66. . Both of the original transformers are intact, and the amp is stocked with its original pair of Silvertone branded RCA 6V6 power tubes. The speaker is the original Fisher alnico driver that compliments the sound of the circuit well and features a date code on the magnet bell from the 14th week of 1966.
The amp is in fantastic overall cosmetic condition, with the original gray thatched covering, wheat grillcloth with sparkle thread, and a minty aluminum faceplate that retains all of the original knobs and black silkscreen text. This is a very clean and complete vintage Silvertone 1482 with a well maintained and very original circuit!

1966 Sears Silvertone model 1482