The guitar is in remarkable condition for its age. A few surface blemishes but not very many, and not very noticeable. The frets have no wear at all. The neck is as straight as it needs to be, and the truss rod DOES work if it ever needed adjustment. There is only one issue with this guitar, and it's 100% typical. The Tune-o-matic bridge has sunken in the middle a little bit. From metal fatigue under pressure for all these years. I don't consider it bad enough to warrant replacement. The action is low. 1/16" at the fret nearest the body on both E strings. A little lower than that on the other strings due to the slightly concave bridge. It plays great. Very easy action. The nut is narrow. 1 9/16". The neck is pretty chunky front to back though. Not a baseball bat by any means, but not super thin either. Gets considerably thicker as you go towards the body. It's comfortable to play. The electronics are perfect. Sounds wonderful in all 3 switch positions. It's a truly nice guitar. all original and very very clean....
Oh yeah, weight is 7 lbs. 15 oz.

1969 Gibson ES-335/12