1970 Marshall Tremolo head with a rare 1974 "Lead & Bass" 1x12 Ported cab...my, sweet Lord.
A couple of the team members at Killer Vintage St. Louis are Marshall freaks...they both agree; this is what low wattage Marshall dreams are made of. People have been on the hunt for these for years, the good ones have been scooped up and they rarely surface. Here's a chance to snag two rare pieces in one. The head and cab may not have come together from the factory, but they are a match made in heaven (Marshall, greenback...come on)!
Both pieces are straight. The Tremolo 20 has great breakup and sounds every bit as good as you'd imagine it would. The tremolo is killer! The cab is tight and the G12M handles what the amplifier gives like a champ. Amp date on the stamp is 1970 and has a 20042 with no letter on the brushed panel (letters appeared in 1969 but some of these left the factory with no letter). The unmolested Celestion G12M is stamped T1511 GE (May 1974).
The pair comes with a step-down transformer, so you can run this amp at the European voltage is was designed to run at. Also comes with vintage Marshall covers.
This setup is clean and beyond cool. Perfect for any home or live situation. Gets nasty, but can be calmed. Present and powerful, but laid back and mellow. What else is there too want?
In general, we do not ship amps but if interested in shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs (shipping plus all packing materials and custom made double walled box).

1970 Marshall Tremolo 20 with 1974 "Lead & Bass" 1x12 Ported Cab