9 lbs. 4 oz.

Here's a cool bass. With a story. Not a cool story, but a story nonetheless. This came to us with ALL the Rickenbacker desirable features, Jetglo finish, checkerboard binding, crushed pearl inlays, lucite truss rod cover, toaster neck pickup, cool cool cool. It also had the undesirable Ric feature, truss rods that were a mess. Tightened so hard they bent downward. Then, whoever did that dug wood out around the nuts to try to get a wrench on them. Aye-yi-yi. So.... we scored some original Ric truss rods (which is a whole 'nother story we're not going into right now...), got the destroyed ones out, and installed the brand new ones. The end result is pretty good. Not gonna lie, the action is not bad, but could be better. It is as good as we could get it. Currently measures 5/64" at the last fret on the treble side, 1/8" on the bass side. Plays easy and comfortably, but can't go any lower. But it IS a cool bass. From a very cool era. It's in decent shape. Shows some wear. A little on the frets, a little more on the finish, still very playable and enjoyable to look at. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have...

With 69 era Rick case.

LB 125

1972 Rickenbacker 4001