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7 lbs. 11 oz.


An early example of one of Gibson's most unique designs. Imagine if dudes from Gibson and dudes from Fender were at a party one night in 1973-1974 and said, "Let's make a Tele Les Paul thing with a Flying V headstock. Oh and have Bill Lawrence dsign the pickups.". There was smelly smoke in the air, and indeed the Marauder was born. These things have sort of legend status around the St. Louis area thanks to a well known father of Alt Country that was once dubbed the "Modern King of the Marauder". He owned this one. Cool for rock, cool for country. There isn't another guitar like this model. Well played in bars and on stages for decades. Plays well and ready to go. These early ones with the three way switch tend to be the ones you want. Comes with OHSC.



1975 Gibson Marauder

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