8 lbs. even.

Every once in awhile we get something that seems to defy conventional wisdom, this is one of those Norlin era anomolies here.  Okay, we have an all-original and beautiful Wine Red ES-335TD in VG+ condition.

3 piece maple neck, coil tap switch, tarback pickups, witch hat knobs. Made in USA stamp, smaller volute. The one readable pot date code was a CTS from 1976. The warranty card that came with the guitar has a printed copyright date of 1977. So, by all accounts of cosmetics, finish, and features it's a 1977 right?

However, the actual serial number is a 6 digit number 100067 impressed into headstock which you would normally see pre-1975.

There is no explanation for this other than 'this is just the way it came'. Just another case of something that defies what is normal logic but is par for the course in an era when Gibson was sometimes just getting guitars out with what they had on hand. Could have just been an older, previously stamped neck.

This is a very clean one owner guitar that comes with it's OHSC, hang tags, warranty card, key to case, and cable.


1977 Gibson ES-335TD (SOLD)