1978 Gibson ES-335 original with OHSC.

What we have here is a great guitar with an improper "repair". What happened? At some time in its life, the neck pulled forward. Rather than getting it professionally reset, glue was forced into the small gaps at the heel. What's the end result? A great playing guitar! What are the repercussions? The bridge is as low as it can go. What is the bonus? It saves you money! It truly plays like a million bucks. Action is 1/16" above the last fret on the high E side, 5/64" on the low E side. Can't imagine anyone wanting the action any lower. The "repair" IS reversible, but we're not going to do it, because the guitar plays so great. Low action, great frets with almost no wear, and most people will want the action higher anyway, at which point the bridge will NOT be all the way down. The guitar is not mint, but it's in really great shape for its age. A few nicks and dings here and there, a little bit of finish worn off the neck in the first to third fret area, nothing major. Great jazz guitar, or a perfect candidate for your Yes tribute band. Really good Gibson, we promise. Don't be afraid, it's structurally sound, and ready to go, offered at a reduced price due to its little "problem", that really isn't much of a problem at all. Even comes with its original case. Give us a call...


1978 Gibson ES-175