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8 lbs. 11 oz.

From a recently released collection of Dead Mint clean guitars, this is a first year Jeff Beck model Oxblood '54 reissue from Gibson Custom Shop. Everything is there even down to the original stickers on the pickups. Certificate, case candy and Custom Shop OHSC.

Again, this is a 23 year old guitar that looks "like new" like it just rolled out of Gibson Custom Shop.

9/26/98 Born on Date. You won't find one cleaner from this era!

4 8238


Here's the skinny from Gibson.

Many great off-the-shelf electric guitars have had their reputations elevated by the legendary artists who have played them. Once in a while, however, a heavily modified instrument is used to make such groundbreaking music that the erstwhile “one-off” becomes iconic in and of itself. The best known and most revered of these is arguably Jeff Beck’s Oxblood Les Paul, a guitar from the heart of tone history. Now, Gibson Custom unveils the most accurate recreation of the Jeff Beck Oxblood Les Paul ever produced. From its aged and authentic Oxblood finish to the custom-tailored neck profile modeled precisely from Beck’s original instrument to the blistering and powerful sounds produced by Gibson’s legendary Burstbucker humbucking pickups, the new Jeff Beck Oxblood Les Paul from Gibson Custom leaves nothing to chance. It is simply one of the most exact replicas of any historic guitar ever produced by the master craftsmen at Gibson Custom.

1998 Gibson Les Paul-Jeff Beck Oxblood '54

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