9 lbs. 12 oz.

We see a lot of Les Paul's around here. Just sayin'.

Occasionally one comes in that turns head and people say "what's that"?

This one just has that look, that patina, that richness of an OLD guitar...

Pickups are the new Killer Vintage Apache PAF Alnico V as used by Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Vince Gill, George Lynch and the Edge. (500.00 Value)

Wait til you this !!!!

It's just a 16 year old guitar that looks very 'bursty...

Only downside is this has an odd scent to it. Not smoke, not too funky but defininitely has a peculiar odor.

Maybe this has contributed to the cool patina.

Comes with OHSC brown case (one broken latch)



2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard