Midnight Blue. Like Brand spankin' new. Someone DID own it, but doesn't appear to have ever been played. Maybe never even TOUCHED. Not much to say here. If you're looking for a Ric 360 in PERFECT condition, we gotcha covered. Accessory bag has never been opened. Protective plastic still on the Ric logo on the case. Made in America sticker still on the pickguard. Not even one scratch on the pickguard. You can be the first to put a mark on this one, we're afraid to touch it. We don't even point at it. We don't have it displayed in the store because it's too perfect. If you bought a brand new one from a big box store, who had one drop shipped to you direct from the manufacturer, it would be no cleaner than this one. Now, if someone comes in and wants to try it out, we will let them, so time is of the essence if you want a pure virgin. We will chaperone the date though, so she won't be defiled too badly. As for the moment of this typing, she is blemish-free. Hey, did we mention that this one's in great shape? Please buy it, it's making us nervous...

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2011 Rickenbacker 360