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Power: 5/100 Preamp: (1) 6SL7 Power Tubes: (1) 6v6 / 100 Watt Unleash Technology Fx Loop: Series Passive Speaker: 12” Bad Cat Celestion Reverb: Spring Bias: Cathode Dimensions: 20.5” W X 10.5” D, 17.5” H Controls: Gain, Tone, Reverb, Master, Rip Switch Weight: 40 lbs The heart of the Bobcat 100 is a 6SL7 preamp driving a single ended 6V6 five watt power section. This sweet little single-ended five watt gem is fed into Bad Cat’s 100-watt Unleash technology. Unlike other hybrid amps of the past, the preamp and power sections are tubes. The front panel offers a simple layout of gain, tone, reverb and master. The small toggled labeled Rip offers a high gain circuit that is foot switchable. A passive series effects loop and spring reverb round out this 40-pound 100-watt combo.

2015 Bad Cat Bobcat 100R

$1,499.00 Regular Price
$1,398.00Sale Price
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