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7 lbs. 10 oz.

Cherry finish.

Man. We know these kinds of guitars. We have played hundreds of the holy grail golden era of that one company from up in Kalamzoo. We love those guitars, some of our favorites ever produced. This brand new, made in 2022 down in ol' St. Lou guitar goes head to head without fail against those one pickup guitars from Michigan in 1958-1960. The sound, feel, look. Everything is something to definitely dig.

This guitar is put together by hand, pickup wound, finish sprayed, electronic wired, everything in house. It was made, not produced.


We put this up against the store favorite and employee owned 1959 single pickup guitar from Michigan and the K-Line made us rethink a couple things.


K-Line S and T style guitars are some of the best guitars on the market, and the KL90 is turning heads and taking modern setneck guitar quality to a whole new standard.

Comes with hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity.



2023 K-Line KL90 Cherry DC

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