Up for grabs is a guitar that in generally viewed as the holy grail of Gibson acoustic guitars: a war time banner J-45. The word "banner" brings a lot of expectation, and this example holds up to the sonic representation that these guitars are worth the money.


Second owner bought this guitar from the original purchaser's family in 1999. Player's grade but every bit as good as you'd want, probably more. This guitar sounds like records.


-Mahogany top


-Added strap button

-Some loose braces

-Probable refret (but expertly done)

-Neck reset in 1999, neck overspray done at the same time (candidate for another neck reset and bridge reglue, but we're leaving this up to the buyer's preferred luthier. We can assist with this, if needed. Bass side 5/32", treble side 5/32").

-Overspray on whole guitar but looks old (60's?) as it has weather checked in that fashion.

-11" back crack which is not glued or cleated but is not moving.


302 is FON # on neck heel.

Comes with a non-original chipboard case.


Please ask any questions before buying or making an offer, thanks!

1942 Gibson J-45