Mmm chocolate...


There's not much better than brown era Fender, and the Pro model is no exception. This is the amp Pete Townshend took to Jim Marshall and asked for it to be "10x louder!". The tone is there and it's everything you could want in an amp. Not to mention the legendary, phase-like tremolo. This amp is original and ready to go. Even comes with the original brown footswitch and Victoria amp cover!


Circuit is stock! Changed power tubes, but six beautiful Amperex Bugle Boy's (dated 31st week of 1960) in the pre's. A couple filter caps have been replaced, but the amp sounds great and rips! The output transformer is dated 606-145, which would be 45th week of 1961. Solder and transformer are clean, so it is a possibility that the amp was sent back to Fender to have a repair done. Tube chart reads JH (August of 1960). Added corners ala Blakcface, etc.


We can't enough good about the brown era of Fender, a favorite period around these parts. This Pro sounds so good with every guitar we've plugged into it that we really don't want to see it go. Get yer brown on!



1960 Fender Pro