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Repair & Service

From guitars to amplifiers and more, our professional technicians have your precious gear covered.


-Brian Henneman does in-house setup work (100$ plus strings)

Brian's work is exemplary and he always goes the extra mile to ensure your instrument will play at it's optimal best.

-John Higgins still does some limited work on Vintage Martin and Gibson's for us as well..



We are proud to have some of the best amp guys on the planet and we do repairs on all amps!! (90$ per hour plus parts)

Dave Ryan, former builder for St Louis Music (Ampeg) and now with Magnatone is our in-house tube amp repair man!


Also, the infamous Obeid Khan still does some limited repair

and modification as well through the shop. Great electronics guys and also great guitar players, as is everyone here at Killer Vintage.


We specialize in certified valuation of vintage gear, whether you are looking to sell or buy.

Dave Hinson's reputation as an appraiser is second to none. For decades, Hinson has lent his knowledge to radio and television programs. He is an expert appraiser for Heritage Auctions of Dallas. Editor and adviser to the Vintage Guitar Price Guide, the Blue Book of Guitars as well as an Appraiser for Antiques Roadshow PBS. Soon to be seen on 'Pawn Stars'.

Appraisal's are $75.00 per instrument  for our valued time and expertise.

*This fee is waived IF we are allowed to consign or buy the instrument. We believe everyone has the right to know what they have and the truth of what it is worth, and we also don't have the time to remember lies.

Appraisal service times are Mon-Thurs. 12-4pm Please call ahead to let us know you're coming!

NOTE-If you can only bring your instrument in for appraisal on a weekend, it will have to be left to be completed during Mon-Thurs appraisal period times. Photographs with serial number ahead of time are appreciated and can be sent to;

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