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Your humble servants.

Dave Hinson

Mel Bay was his first teacher. He started playing for pay in the 60's and has been dealing guitars since 1970. Killer Vintage has been in business since 1994. He is one of the editors of the Vintage Guitar Price Guide, as well as contributing editor and adviser of the Blue Book of Guitars. He is on the advisory board of the Modern Guitar Museum (Los Angeles) and is an Expert/Appraiser for Heritage Auctions Dallas, TX. He is heard frequently on Overnight America as the Guitar Guy (CBS radio syndicated), and as the Guitar Guy on St Louis 97.1 FM KFTK (Dave Glover Show). Killer Vintage and his reputation is perfect worldwide and our T-shirts are legendary, although very politically incorrect!

Mark Thomas Quinn

Chief cook and bottle washer at St Louis location.

Mark has been playing guitar since 1979, and has been performing professionally for 40 years...

Presently Mark plays with Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys Band,

Sings in Led Zeppelin tribute Celebration Day

and is an original member of the widely acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute band El Monstero.

Mark has been in the Musical Instrument retail business since 1999 and joined the Killer Vintage staff in 2005.

Loves Guit-archaeology and all things Vacuum Tube amplifiers.

Brian Henneman-guitar repair

Formerly of The Bottle Rockets , fantastic guitarist, singer and songwriter!

Also, leader of the company we have just found out! He has business cards!

Knows Rickenbacker's and Peavey's extensively and is currently rocking a 1973 Fender Telecaster.

Brian does all of our expert setup work.

Dave Ryan-
Amp Repair Guru

Jimmy Griffin-
Weekend Salesperson-
Purveryor of all things pedals and pedalboards

Jon Lumley-
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