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8 lbs. 4 oz.

 Just in! An excellent, super clean pre-CBS 1964 Jag. It's a one owner Fender Jag that is in exceptional excellent condition. Includes original hang tag, strap, polish cloth, mute and some miscellaneous old picks and Mapes strings. A real beauty and 100% original. If you're a collector, this may be the one.

Okay, you may have noticed this is priced under typical clean condition '64's.

The issue is it has a non-functioning neck pickup. We have established the switch and pots are fine, it's the pickup itself. It may be something simple like needing a solder touch up. We've decided to sell this as-is as a 'future owner's project'. Reason being is the pickguards are old and fragile. If you take it off to try and repair pickup the potential for damage is great.

Get a good deal on one that has potential for an easy fix.



1964 Fender Jaguar

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