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This just in! A perfectly preserved time capsule from 58 years ago. One-owner amp.

Here's the 4x10  amp people have been drooling over for the past 50 years. This Super Reverb holds up to the claims. Present, warm, powerful, dripping reverb and great breakup. What more could you want in your 40 watt amp?
 This sucker is clean, clean, clean!. Tube chart shows FD (June '64) and everything else corresponds correctly. Correct Jensen speakers (220418). Iron checks out. Mix of old tubes RCA preamps, long plate RCA power tubes, Amperex rectifier. Original 2-prong cord. Original pedal.  Even the filter caps are 100% original and none are showing signs of leaking or dimpling. No hum or noise associated with needing a cap job...two of the filters are non-typical blue Illinois branded but date correctly and solder joints appear original and undisturbed.

1 pot is old replacement and appears to have some resistors coupled (probably for tremolo circuit)
Transformer dates:
Mains- 606-420
Output 606-419
Choke 606-415
Reverb 606-420

NOTE-In general, we do not ship amps but if interested in shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs (shipping plus all packing materials and custom made double walled box).

1964 Fender Super Reverb

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