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5 lbs 9 oz


Killer Vintage is proud to present this cool time capsule from 1965.

 This Epiphone Coronet was sold in 1968 at Sonny Shields Music in East Saint Louis, Illinois.  It is pictured here with it's original case, and case candy, including, strap, cable and original sales document. 

 Sonny Shields Music offered a lessons program and sold some affordable instruments branded with the name "Dwight", which was Sonny's middle name. The Dwight logo is printed on the truss rod cover of these instruments and is still seen clearly after 59 years. 

 The guitar is in very good condition. It plays easily and sounds great. The rare Silver Fox finish looks great with few marks for it's age. The pickguard shows the breaks common to this model at the tips around the screwholes. The original Maestro Vibrola has been removed leaving the original lightning wraparound bridge. The Maestro Vibrola is included.  

This Dwight Coronet and it's accoutrements are a vibey and great sounding slice of rock and roll electric guitar history. 




1965 Epiphone "Dwight"

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