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9 lbs. 8 oz.

The term 'mojo' seems to be overused a lot these days, but in this case is super appropriate.

This bass came in with a backstory. If it could speak, it would tell stories of the 50+ years plus of gigs, speakeasy's and jukejoints all over the St Louis and E. St Louis area from the 60's through 2020's. It seems to embody all the blood, sweat & tears of those thousands of gigs.

Came in with just the body, neck, and pickups. and harness. We sourced as much period correct parts as we can find.

Neck date Jul65A

Replaced parts;

New control plate, tone pot, 2 knobs (NOS), bridge, pickguard (period correct), refret, new nut, some screws, extra screw holes on body at bridge cover, missing finger rest.

Correct; case, body and neck, tuners, pickups.

Fresh refret, setup and ready to play!





1965 Fender Jazz Bass

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