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Blackface Princeton Reverb AA764 circuit. Say no more. The Hottest amp on the planet right now! This one is really clean and has the goods. Tube chart date is June of '67 (FQ tube chart). Cosmetically extremely clean, it has no issues other than a new grounded AC cord and newer footswitch. Tubes include the original rectifier, long plate RCA power tubes and old RCA and Telefunken's in the preamp. Tranny's all correct. Main is dated 39th week of '66. Output is dated 20th week of '67. Reverb is dated 15th week of '67. Correct Jenson speaker dates 18th week of '66. Everything is functioning including Reverb and Tremolo but footswitch is a new repro. Sounds wonderful as these all do! When you need less than a Deluxe Reverb, This is the secret weapon of Mike Campbell of Heartbreakers and countless other studio musicians.


1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

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