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11 lbs. 3 oz.

Shows lots of love and weather checking, but dripping mojo from every pore! Pickup covers are replaced. Tuners are replaced with Grovers from that era.

Neck pickup is original patent sticker. Bridge is  one of our signature Betterbuckers

Truss rod cover is a newer replacement. Looks like 3 pots are original and date 9th week of 1971. One pot replaced dated 1987. Strap buttons are replaced but NO BREAKS or other mods. Original fretless wonder neck and frets show moderate playwear. Still playable frets for those used to that, or would benefit with refret for players accustomed to taller fretwire.

Note-last pictures shows strap button hole added on treble bout side.

Comes with later Gibson chainsaw case for ultimate protection.


1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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