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10 lbs. 1 oz. (a featherweight for Custom's of this era!)


Mojo is what this thing has got. What a classic look and tone. A good weight for a LPC, this thing sounds like rock n' roll records! All original, no breaks, all good to go! TOM bridge is concaved slightly, but still plays fine even with Fretless Wonder frets. (Original frets which are still playable, but would benefit from a refret.)

Neck profile is a nice medium C which measures 8.14" at the first fret and gets fatter as you go up with a reading of 1.002" at the 12th.

Get all your 60's and 70's goodness on with this big boy. Loved for years and it shows, definitely has the vibe we all want in a black Les Paul Custom for 1974. Comes with OHSC.



1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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