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10 lbs. 4 oz.

First year Les Paul Heritage Series Standard! Appears to be all original although pickup covers were removed at one point and then reinstalled recently. Comes with OHSC (handle missing) and some paperwork from original sale. Less than 3000 of these guitars were made in total. This is #0675

In VG-Excellent condition. No checking, dings, dents or scratches. Zero buckle wear and no diviting in frets. Beautiful top with quilted and flamed maple.


Heres' the skinny on these;

The Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Series (introduced in 1980) was the first of Gibson's many reissues of their classic 1959 sunburst Les Paul. These Heritage 80 Les Pauls were made in the Nashville plant from 1980 to 1982. While they had closer to vintage specifcations that any other Gibson Les Paul of the period and are not exact copies of the 1959 model. Close inspection reveals a wider cutaway and a sharper horn than on the 1959 original body.

For the Heritage 80 series Gibson engineer Tim Shaw recreated the legenday 1950s PAF humbucker, by carefully investigating the winding and magnets of the original pickups. These PAF recreations became known as ‘Shawbuckers’ or ‘TimBuckers’ and are well regarded by Les Paul collectors.


1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard

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