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Killer rig available now at Killer Vintage in Saint Louis!
 Check out this genuine English made rock and roll powerhouse. 50 watts of roaring Marshall tone is produced by two EL34 power tubes. The 2205 head sports a great sounding foot switchable clean tone as well. This head arrived with an aftermaket mod that has been removed to restore it to it's original glory.

 The accompanying 1988 produced 1960A slant cab is loaded with the original Celestion G12T75 speakers common to the era.

 This beast will get you a noise complaint from the neighbors just sitting there. Come play the amp that defined rock and roll guitar tone for decades. The JCM800 is one of Marshall's greatest achievements.

1983 Marshall JCM800 2205 50w 2 Channel w/1988 1960A 4x12 cab

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