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Zinky Supro Sahara 25 Watt Combo Amp with On-Board Compressor

- 1x12 Combo
- 25 Watts
- Single Channel
- Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume Controls
- Foot Switchable On-Board Compressor / Volume Boost
 Was sent in to Bruce Zinky at one point to have a compressor added (this upgrade was $100 + shipping both ways). It's the same compressor that he uses in the Del Mar and Full Boar amps.
With the compressor on, the amp stays clean as the volume is turned up. The footswitch controls the compressor and the on-board boost. When the footswitch is pressed, the compressor is disabled, and the boost is enabled. With the compressor off, the amp will act as normal and overdrive as the volume is increased.

This allows the amp to perform somewhat like a 2 channel amp - compressor on for clean playing, and compressor off / boost on for classic tube amp overdriven tones.

A few minor cosmetic items worth noting, but the amp is in great condition overall - the lettering on the control panel shows some light wear, and the grill cloth shows some minor creasing. See pictures for details.

Treble, middle, and bass controls cover a wide range of tones. Can do clean or dirty on it's own, and takes pedals like nothing else. Responds really well to volume/playing dynamics.

2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
2 x EL84 power tubes

Awesome grab and go amp. 42 lbs.
25 Watt, single channel, all-tube 1x12 combo. Features all-tube sound, from classic clean tones to rich and glorious overdrive. Controls for Volume (turn it up for overdrive), Treble, Bass, Middle. Simple signal path + highest quality parts = superb sound. More gain than Belmont, but less power. Great rock & roll club amp for those who just need one great sound and a guitar to get the point across. Features a high efficiency speaker modeled on a 1959 Supro speaker, with same english cone and paper voice coil, just like the original!

2008 Supro Sahara 'Bruce Zinky' amp

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