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The KR12 is the masterpiece. Think of the finest Keith Tweed tones and now add 3 levels of gain that can take it all the way to full on modern metal while always maintaining a very healthy dose of that 50s/60s vibe and mojo. This amp does it all and could easily be anyone's desert island amp. The KR12 is an instant classic kicking out beautiful punchy piano-like cleans in channel 1 with the ability to inch it's way through all levels of overdrive up to the hottest bone crunching metal and doing it all with a quality of tone that only the very finest amps can deliver. If you could only have one, the KR12 is the amp.

    * Output Power 40 Watts
    * Speaker:  Celestion G12H-30
    * Speaker:  Load 8 Ohms
    * Controls:  Volume, Master Volume,  Treble Bass Middle  Presence 
    *  4 Input /4 Different Gain Inputs
    * Tubes 2 EL34s 3 12AX7s 1 5AR4
    * Height: 17 1/2
    * Depth:  8 3/4
    * Width:  23 1/2
    * Weight 48 lbs

2012 Louis Electric KR 12

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