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Back by popular demand, the Khan Audio VTDI is a faithful re-creation of the classic SVTDI all tube direct box. Hundreds of satisfied users called for the re-introduction of this all tube device.

The Khan Audio VTDI is an all-tube direct box. It utilizes a single 12AU7 in a unique 2-stage design that maxmizes both the harmonic richness of the tube as well as powerful low-impedance output drive capability. The VTDI is ideal for use with a number of instruments and sources including bass guitar, acoustic instruments, keyboards and synth modules. The sonic effect of the tube in the VTDI in brings out a warmth, a clarity, and a realism not found in other DI boxes. Acoustic instruments will sound sweeter. Bass instruments will sound bigger, punchier, clearer, and warmer. Keyboards/synths will sound less digital and more natural.

The VTDI has a high 2.2 Meg Ohm input impedance as well as high headroom to accomodate a wide range of instrument sources whether it be a passive piezo acoustic pickup or a hot active bass or synth. The "thru" jack allows a "tube processed" signal to feed your guitar, keyboard, or bass amplifier inputs. A specially designed balancing transformer drives a low-impedance XLR output to deliver this same tone to a mixer, mic-preamp, or anything requiring a balanced XLR connection. Power it down and the VTDI automatically goes into passive mode. This handy feature allows it's use as a normal passive DI as well as a high quality tube DI. A high voltage power supply runs the 12AU7 tube to its maximum potential, and a DC filament supply also helps to keep noise and hum to a minimum.

With unlimited uses and unsurpassed tone, the VTDI will enhance your sound and provide the ultimate live DI setup or recording process.



2022 Khan VTDI

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