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7 lbs. 10oz.

Brand-New K-Line Springfield in classic Olympic White!

We know S-style guitars. Holy grails, boutique builders, etc. THIS is a S-style guitar we can stand behind. Vintage and modern ideas put together to make one killer axe. Chris is making outstanding guitars and we couldn't be more excited about these hometown guitars.

Brand New K-Line Springfield with some of the best nitro finish work in the game. Good weight, GREAT neck and great tone. Chris' blend of his handwound, '64 pickups gives you everything you could want and more.

This is truly a one-builder instrument, the proof is in the playability and sound.

Chris' finishes are fantastic, Nitrocellulose lacquer finish all the way down to wood.

Plays and sounds incredible. These guitars are blowing up right now, get it while we got it!

They go fast...

With new case.


Alder Body

Pickups; 64's

Neck Contour: .850" C shape

Nut Width; 1.650"

Frets; 6125 size

10" radius



2022 K-Line Springfield/Oly White

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