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6 lbs 0 oz

We at Killer Vintage Saint Louis are happy to present this gorgeous, all solid wood, acoustic bass from Breedlove! Below are a few words from the manufacturer. 


 If basses are the stepchildren of the instrument family, acoustic basses are third cousins, twice removed. Most people just don’t think about them, ever, except when Grandma convenes the family every five years for a reunion, whereupon you run into them at the bar and think, “Oh yeah, I forgot that cousin even existed.”

 The Solo Pro Edgeburst Bass, an all-solid wood body, professional grade acoustic bass, more than capable of laying the foundation for any band. A red cedar top sweetens and warms the robust, rich tones emanating from African mahogany back and sides. 


Sounds huge and louder than many acoustic basses. A great playing bass as well! 


All solid African mahogany back and sides. Cool side mounted soundhole with proprietary soundhole cover! Solid red cedar top. 34 inch scale. Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. Mint. Comes with OHSC. 



Breedlove Solo Pro ED Bass CE

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