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Killer Vintage is proud to carry K-Line’s incredible guitars and their fantastic amplifiers as well! 

Come down to our shop in Saint Louis and check out K-Line’s Bevo! The Bevo from K-Line is a 5y3 rectifier tube amp based on the popular brown deluxe amp.

 This has the tone you're searching for. It kicks like a mule!

 Two 6v6 tubes produce 20 watts of midrange rich tone. Coupled to tube driven tremolo and a Weber Vintage Series Ferromax 12 inch speaker, this amp has all the vibe of the legendary 5y3 deluxe you’ve heard on a thousand great records.

 Hand wired here in Saint Louis! Come check out this incredible sounding amp from our friends at K-Line Guitars as soon as you can!



K-Line Bevo

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