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 7 lbs 9 oz


K-Line Truxton in gorgeous Dakota red. All the Muddy Waters vibes. 


Beautiful in its simplicity – limitless in its range. For nearly 60 years the single cutaway design has provided a platform for country to modern rock guitar and everything in between.

How do you improve a legendary design? K-Line’s done it by using top notch components mated to the proper tonewoods with the best electronics. The Truxton Vintage bears the standard single coil pickups and hardware configuration of the traditional single cutaway guitars from the past.

 After a tireless search K-Line found the best bridge system for the Truxton Special in the Hipshot Hardtail. It achieves a piano-like tone that resonates for days! Also, the Hipshot Hardtail spacing allows for proper pole and string spacing. Comes with deluxe bag. 



K-Line Guitars Truxton Dakota Red

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