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The Khan Pak is a full featured vacuum tube guitar amplifier that delivers classic electric guitar tones. Measuring 9” x 7” x 2 1/2” and weighing 6 1/2 lbs, this amplifier has been designed to be extremely portable. Utilizing a pair of NOS 6AQ5 power pentodes, the Khan Pak delivers all the rich tones, overdrive and feel of a real vacuum tube guitar amplifier. This is not class D, this is an all-tube design. Fit it into your gig bag front pocket or backpack or carryon luggage for the ultimate in tone and convenience.

Many key players have already commented on how much they love the sound and concept of this new amplifier. The Class D assumption is shattered when they realize the amplifier is all tube. The Khan Pak truly breaks new ground in the guitar amp category.


Khan Pak Amp (1- channel)

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