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Meet the Tunerette – the clip-on tuner that's here to add a dash of smokin' style to your tuning game!

Picture this: You casually clip what seems like a cigarette to your guitar headstock. Play your chords right, and watch as your audience does a double take – "Is that guitarist tuning with a cigarette?" Oh yes, and it's bringing a whole new meaning to "smoking hot riffs"!

Not only does the Tunerette keep you in pitch-perfect tune, but it also turns heads and sparks conversations. Because who said tuning can't be a smoke break?

Tunerette is safe for all ages and does not condone or promote smoking…except SMOKING guitar solos, because you’re in tune!

Battery not included or needed! USB recharge cable included!

 Available in limited quantities because we believe every guitarist deserves a unique tuner that sets them apart. Hurry, before your bandmates start asking for a drag of that tuneful goodness!



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