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Just in!

Two identical fawn VOX handwired AC30HW2X's.

One with Alnico Blues; 1995$

One with Celestion Greenbacks; 1795$


From Vox;

Designed to impart that classic VOX tube tone upon your electric guitar, the AC30HW2X is a 30W RMS combo amplifier sporting two 12" Celestion Alnico Blue speakers. The unit boasts two independent channels and a full complement of tubes. Each channel provides both high and low input jacks, giving you a total of four ways of plugging into the amp. Also, every element of the turret board has been hand-wired to ensure the most efficient signal path.

You can control the high-end frequency content of the power-amp stage with the Tone Cut knob; however, for further fine-tuning of EQ, plug into the Top Boost channel, which offers Bass, Treble, and a Hot/Cool switch—a handy feature that partially bypasses the tone controls to provide more gain and a purer signal path. As this Hot/Cool switch can be toggled via an independent footswitch, this feature can be utilized to give you some more juice for lead parts and soloing.

Turn your attention to the back of the amplifier and you'll see two external speaker output jacks wired for 16 Ohms, though, depending on the speaker configuration you're using, they can be switched to 8 Ohms as well. You'll also notice a footswitch input which allows you to control various features of the amp with the tap of your toes.


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